We create universes in our own language 

where we blend together everything that we are: materials, 

colors, fantasy, humor, delicacy, folklore, tools, disciplines, techniques, 

technology and crafts.

We work from a performative impulse, seeking dramaturgy in the matter. We explore, we play, we test, we roll around on the floor and we go on stage if necessary.

We are retrofuturistic driven by the constant dialogue between past and future. We seek innovation combining both tradition and vanguardism. 

From more traditional techniques, such as embroidery or modeling, to digital techniques, such as laser cutting or the use of software. 

From the computer to the sewing machine.

We are involved in our designs from concept to manufacture. We defend the artisan trade, with accuracy and quality, and spend many hours in our workshop.

 This approach has led us to community and educational projects, where we have transmitted our practice and worked hand in hand with other artists.

© Lucía Herrero

© Marc Ibañez

We care about our production process. We collaborate with a wide local network of workshops, suppliers and artisans to strengthen and promote the social and solidarity economy, with a positive impact on the social fabric.

We value the sustainability of materials, with circular economy in mind. We recover obsolete materials in order for them to be re-used in the production and sale cycle. Regarding the fabrics, we choose the most environmentally friendly options, whether they are leftovers, recycled fibers or organic fabrics.

© Ana Folgueira

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