Performative installation

Festival Womart / Gerona 2017

Idea and direction: PEDRA

Performers: PEDRA 

Music: Sara Fontán 

Location: Plaza del Pou Rodó, Bòlit, Center of  Contemporary art 


With the collaboration of ‘Ateneo de fabricación de Ciudad Meridiana’

We thank Rosell de Torelló, turning family.

PEDRA és un Bòlid i PEDRA va de Bòlit.

Autobiographical piece inspired by the evolution of the use of the word ‘bòlido’.


In astronomy, a bolide (from the grec βολίς, missile) is a very bright meteor, characterized by looking like a fireball and creating a luminous trace, produced by the entry into the Earth’s atmosphere of a meteoroid with a mass of the order of tons , which generally explodes before reaching the ground and produces an appreciable rumble

A bolide has the appearance of a sphere of fire. The luminous groove that it leaves as it passes through the atmosphere persists for a time greater than tens of seconds and can be several minutes or even half an hour. It comes accompanied by acoustic phenomena such as an explosion and sometimes fragments of the meteor can be found on the ground that resist complete volatilization as they pass through the atmosphere.



[bòlido variant compared to the aerolith, which is not known where it will end up]

 m 1 GAME Piece of cylindrical wood with a pointed end that one makes it jump

by hitting it from top to bottom near the ends.


 2 go bòlit Act hastily without knowing what to do, whatever comes out, because

of being disoriented, having many occupations, etc.

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